ICCA at Berkeley

Hellllo Everybody!

It’s me, Kevin, the Pink college Ritard. I just wanted to let you guys know we are done with ICCA this year and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a little bit of what happened:


Me and Carlin ended up in Cupertino at around 3:30AM on Friday Morning. Carlin crashed at my place. We woke up at around 11ish and got working on music. We ate lunch then met up with Alex Leu. We then worked on choreo and after dinner Peter and John showed up and we began rehearsing. We couldn’t get in contact with Jerry because his phone was having problems, but Jerry is amazingly fast at learning music so we figured he could learn it the next day when we saw it.


In the morning Alex, Peter and I headed to Patrick (from the high school Ritards)’s place and we met Carlin there. Carlin took us to Berkeley and we arrived at about 1ish. We rehearsed our music and met up with Jerry. We received a phone call saying that John would no longer be able to attend due to some personal problems. at 3pm, we started scavenging for new music to sing. By 3:30 we decided on We Intertwined (The Hush Sound) and Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics). We rehearsed until 4:20 when we had to attend a performers meeting at Wheeler the performance hall. After the meeting (around 5) we went to grab dinner and at 5:50ish we had our sound check. Everything was set up for large groups. The condensers did nothing for us.  After sound check we finished dinner and continued to rehearse until our voices were shot. We rested for about 30 min and then did a final rehearsal.

We were the 4th group to perform, also closing the first act. I had so much fun, and I’m sure all the other members did too! I hope all of you who watched has as much fun as we did. At that point we weren’t competitng to win anymore, which relieved a lot of stress. We did it to have fun, and we accomplished our goal.

Thanks to everybody who came out to support us!

Your Pink College Ritard,

Oh yeah! We even found time to do a photoshoot! Here are some of the pictures:

College Ritards 1

College Ritards 2

College Ritards 3

College Ritards 4

College Ritards 5