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Kevin Ju decided that after graduating from the high school Ritards, he wanted to keep singing. He tried joining groups at school but none of them felt right. What he was actually missing was singing with The Ritards. At the end of 2008, he started planning a reunion of Ritards alumni. Finally, during the summer of 2009, Kevin contacted all the old Ritards to see who was interested in singing together and competing together. ICCA was our chance at spotlight again. Now singing would be tricky, as everybody was spread out to different schools, but the ICCA director gave us the green light, telling us it was okay for our members to be from different schools.

We got our first invitation to participate in ICCA 2010!


Jerry Tsao – UC Berkeley
Alex Leu – De Anza College

John Sun – Stanford
Peter Chou – UC Irvine

Carlin Truong – UCSD

Kevin Ju – UCLA

Not competing:

Jason Chou (UPenn 10′), Dean Shaw (UC Berkeley 09′), Charles Chen (UC Berkeley 11′), Alex Lin – UC Berkeley 11′)

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