Eric Wu

Eric Wu is the Blue Ritard and Senior at Lynbrook High School. He is a primarily nocturnal creature, preferring the cradle of his computer monitor light at 3 am in the morning over any sort of natural light. His feeding habits include snacks of all shapes, tastes, and countries of origin. Eric loves Pearl Milk Tea and will spend an insane amount of money on it given the chance, but in the wild he substitutes soda in order to prevent himself from going broke.

Kevin Jan

Kevin Jan is the Green Ritard and is a Senior at Cupertino High School. In his free time, he enjoys drinking water and playing badminton. He also enjoys drinking Pearl Milk Tea and eating sushi. He drinks a lot of water, too.

Eric Liu

Eric Liu is the Purple Ritard and is a Freshman at Foothill College. He loves singing, piano, beatboxing, clothing and is also very dedicated to badminton. He loves his friends, his family, and he is an extremely nice person.

Jonathan Xu

Jonathan Xu is the Pink Ritard, and thus clearly the manliest of the group. He loves swimming and is a Junior at Saint Francis High School.

Anderson Ju

Anderson Ju is the Red Ritard and is a Junior at Lynbrook High. Pro breakdancer/popper. Being the tallest of The Ritards, he is loved by everyone he meets.

Leo Yu

Leo Yu is the Orange Ritard and a Junior at The Harker School. His manly, sexy, and smooth bass make him the most sought after member of the group by female fans.

Kevin Wang

Kevin Wang is the Yellow Ritard and a Sophomore at Monta Vista High School. He has a tender potbelly that most men do not have the ability to develop until their 40s.


Vincent Yao

Vincent Yao was the Yellow Ritard and a Senior at The Harker School. Being the lovable panda of the group, he is a full-time lady magnet.

Brandon Chen

Brandon Chen is the Orange Ritard and is currently a senior at Mission San Jose High School. He is apart of the acapella group at Mission San Jose and plays the bass (slappin’ the bass).

Jason Shiuan

Jason Shiuan was a senior at Saratoga High School. With a face that is to-die-for and a body surpassed only by Jennifer Lopez, Jason has no problem impressing those of the female variety. But what makes Jason the most attractive Ritard (besides his dashing good looks) is his obnoxiously bright pink shirt. During his free time, Jason enjoys munching on passion fruit… because he is a very passionate person. Jason would like to tell everyone to “take that and rewind it back” because he’s “got the moves to make the ladies go *clap*.”

David Wu

David Wu is the yellow Ritard and is going to be a senior at MSJHS. He plays piano, violin, beatboxes, and directs the Mission acapella group Syncopasians. Besides music, homework, and streaming newly released movies, he really doesn’t do anything productive over the week. In the Ritards, David is considered the second-best Super Smash Brothers player, the one with the biggest appetite, the vocal percussion coach, and the designated tuning fork.

Geoffrey Chen

Geoffrey Chen was the Green Ritard. He was a senior at Mission San Jose High School and co-directs the acapella group there with David. Besides singing, he also enjoys playing piano, playing golf and dancing real hip-hop (not the stuff that the blue and purple Ritards do). His most distinguishing feature is very obviously his hair and he often gets comments about it. Although usually pretty quiet, he can be very enthusiastic and entertaining as well

Alex Leu

Alex Leu, freshman at De Anza College, enjoys listening to Chinese music, eating Chinese food, and watching Chinese talk shows on Youtube. Besides being the fobbiest guy in the group, this tenor also spits crazy beats and dances hip hop moves, taught by the blue Ritard, randomly on the street. Proudly with his orange-brown hair, this purple Ritard enjoys hanging out in Coffee Society and being the designated driver for the Ritards, where he doesn’t need to be squished in the back.

Patrick Lu

Patrick Lu,the Bluetard of the group, is a junior at American High School. He deeply enjoys good music, long walks on the beach, and a side of egg rolls with sweet sauce from the Pho King. Usually seen to be more of the outgoing type of person, Patrick can be seen most of the time with his phone out texting to his homegirls and boys awaiting confirmation for a hangout at Quickly’s for a delicious bowl of Froyo. He wants to thank his friends and family who have supported him in the past 2 years that he’s been apart of the group.

Peter Chou

Peter Chou, the orange Ritard, is a graduating Saratoga High School student. He enjoys playing basketball and volleyball or simply chilling with friends. He is an easygoing guy who likes to take things at a moderate pace and refuses to do anything that requires him to expend much energy other than the things that he enjoys. Though normally shy and quiet, depending on the circumstances, he can really be animated.  Peter plans to attend UC Irvine next year.

Alex Lin

A true Renaissance man, Alex Lin, a graduate of Milpitas High School, excels in all fields. However, his forte is in music, which is apparent from his pants-dropping good solos. Besides singing, this tenor enjoys playing the piano, playing badminton, and just being a studmuffin.

Jason Chou

A graduate of Saratoga High, Jason is easy to spot when he is performing–just look for the guy with the hips that truly don’t lie. Considered to be ridiculously good looking from afar, Jason is often confused with hot stars such as Paul Walker and Tyrese Gibson.

Kevin Ju

A graduate of Monta Vista High, Kevin has a constant craving for cheesecake. He enjoys playing tennis and just chillin’. He randomly spits beats and also spends countless hours on the computer arranging music for the Ritards.

John Sun

A graduate of Gunn High School, John likes the color purple and those tiny Listerine packets. Apart from being ridiculously smart and talented, he enjoys showing off his modesty by intentionally losing a couple of points on tests. He loves to play badminton, plunk around on the piano, and eat chocolate.

Jerry Tsao

A graduate of Gunn High School, Jerry is a very merry berry who sings better than a canary. If one were to ask any of his friends to describe him, one would undoubtedly elicit a similar answer. Jerry’s eclectic mix of hobbies and interests covers almost everything: from biking to computing, from cooking to eating.

Charles Chen

Dean Shaw

Carlin Truong

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