The Ritards is an all male acapella group started in 2004 by Jason Chou and Kevin Ju.  The group, with 7 current members, has grown into a family of alumni and others.  The group is a self run group, scheduling their own rehearsals, arranging their own music, and learning their own parts.  Their genre is on a very wide spectrum, ranging from Pop to R&B to Chinese to Rock and many more.  The group performs at many various events such as benefit concerts, school events, community service, community centers, etc.  The Ritards strive for excellence in all aspects of performing, singing, and entertaining.

If you would like the Ritards to perform at your next event, please contact them through this website or any of the various current members.  The Ritards enjoy performing at any type of event in the bay area.

The Ritards have one goal: to put a smile on your face. =)

The Ritards Facebook

The Ritards Youtube

The Ritards MetaCafe

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